Cryo Anlagenbau Storage Equipment

Super Vacuum Insulated Lines, SIVL Cryogenics

The most efficient way to distribute liquefied gases (LIN, LOX, LAR, LNG, LHY) is through Super Vacuum Insulated Lines (SIVL).

These pipes have a very low heat transfer and are very suitable for cryogenic gases with temperatures down to -200 ºC. In addition, these pipes have built-in bellows that absorb changes in length of the pipe material as it cools down.

Vacuum insulated pipes are available in inner dimensions from DN10 to DN150. The pipes can be delivered in sections with special quick couplings that can be quickly assembled by a regular pipe installer or as finished sections that are welded together, with vacuum pumping after installation.

Special dimensions can be ordered by appointment. All pipes comply with the PED (European Pressure Directive). For flexibility, there are also vacuum-insulated hoses that can be manufactured to desired lengths.

To design an efficient distribution system for cryogenic gases, you sometimes also need phase separators that are also in our program.

GEP Group can deliver a complete solution with design, installation and commissioning or only pipe sections and valves.